Dare to drape and do πŸ˜Ž

β€œDare to drape and do!” 😎

@aneesali93 Thanks darling. It was a great idea to conceptualise yoga with saree! Something never seen before and that too because it’s saree and it makes yoga difficult. To break this stereotype of specifying clothes for yoga, for giving a new dimension to combination of saree and yoga where people consider saree to be timid which is absolutely not 😊

To all the lovely ladies out there who feel stuck in there sarees, it’s time to think beyond; to consider saree as your asset and feel equally bold in a saree as you feel in jeans πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‡


Yoga For Beginners

Day two of πŸŽ‰ β€’| #yogaforbeginners |β€’ πŸŽ‰


How to get into Bhujangasana

β€’ Lay flat on the stomach, on the ground.

β€’ Put hands near the chest.

β€’ Press the hands and straighten the shoulder blades and inhale while to raise your upper body.

β€’ stretch neck a little back and take 5-6 breaths in the posture.

β€’ Come down exhaling and lay flat on floor.

Repeat 8-10 times