Spent the whole day volunteering for the Art of living Happiness workshop. It like being in bliss for each and every second. A YOGI just doing yogasanas is incomplete without pranayama, meditation and sadhna.

All the other halves in a yogi’s life which I missed is given to me by my Guru’s grace 😇

And not just one have got many beautiful teacher and guides on this path of mine who have always given me endless learnings, experiences and opportunities.

Here’s my heart fed gratitude to the 4 pillars of my life:

My mother, my father and my two yoga gurus.

Balance It All

Take care of your thoughts when you're alone and take care of your words when with people!!!
And for the detoxification of both MEDITATE 😇😊

Amidst the beautiful mountains balancing was the best I could do 😄. Here's a glimpse of it.
How to do it???
Raise up your right leg and fold it. Hold it with the right leg tightly. Extend hands and legs all together slowly making balance on the left leg.

Tada you have done it 😉

 Suryanamskar challenge

And how Saturday mornings begin! 

Mine began with a challenge to do suryanamskars unless dropped…

Began with 1 suryanamskar at 6:55am and got along 150 well. Break for just a minute and began again and then no break 🙅🏻

Terrible breathing, and super thirst of water 💦 but you cannot stop because you are a yogini. And finally did 450 suryanamskars at a stretch 😄

Another feather to my cap 🤸🏻‍♀️

Feels so superb and enthusiastic after doing it , could feel the energy even after 450.

Feels great 👍🏻 .