Vrikshasana: The tree pose 

It is one of the most beautiful balancing asanas done by standing at a single leg by resting the other on the thigh of the standing leg . Hands raised above the head to make namaskar mudra and keeping the eyes closed or stare at a single point (tratak).It should be done by both the legs one by one . This asana is beneficial to balance both the hemispheres of the brain well. 

For every body is meant to be beautiful in its own way.
For every breath inhaled is meant to give a new life.

For every life is to be lived fully.

Celebrate your body; whatever shape, size ,dimensions it may be 🙃 Love you body ❤️

 Suryanamskar challenge

And how Saturday mornings begin! 

Mine began with a challenge to do suryanamskars unless dropped…

Began with 1 suryanamskar at 6:55am and got along 150 well. Break for just a minute and began again and then no break 🙅🏻

Terrible breathing, and super thirst of water 💦 but you cannot stop because you are a yogini. And finally did 450 suryanamskars at a stretch 😄

Another feather to my cap 🤸🏻‍♀️

Feels so superb and enthusiastic after doing it , could feel the energy even after 450.

Feels great 👍🏻 .