Chair Pose (Utkatasana)

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#4 Chair pose (utkatasna)

How to get into Chair pose • Stand erect on the floor.

• Raise hands up and lift the body, stand on toes.

• Slowly bend knees and bend down to sit in a chair like position, with hands in front.

Benefits of Chair pose(utkat asana)

•Tones the leg muscles excellently.

•Strengthens hip flexors, ankles, calves, and back.

•Stretches chest and shoulders.

•Reduces symptoms of flat feet.

•Stimulates the heart, diaphragm, and abdominal organs.

📷: @rashmijaggakandhari

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Size “S”

An open letter to young blooming minds…..

It’s not about being 36-24-36, It’s not about fitting in S sizes, It’s definitely not about being just slim; now is the time to be healthy and not just slim. It is time to be strong and not just have pumped up muscles. It is time to be endured rather than just lifting weights. It is time to gain flexibility rather than just shape.

Being a yoga instructor I have only come across people who come to me and say ‘ पतला कर दीजिए’

Some people tell me you yourself are so chubby! How do you teach yoga? 🧘‍♀️

At that point of moment I realise we are running in a such a great speed but I must say in a wrong direction!

Yoga doesn’t have any set barriers which prevents you from doing it, or doesn’t ask for any eligibilities or some specific kind of form!!!!!

No books of yoga no scriptures of ours and not even the oldest yoga gurus say that you need to be SLIM to an instructor or practice yoga.

And specially today I would like all of you to know that I honestly want to break this hypothesis of people defining beauty as Slim and Tall and what not.

Like we have always studied in chemistry that some reactions have by products at the end. Weight loss is a by product of YOGA and not the ultimate goal of it.

Yoga would help you rejuvenate your lives, would work on your outer as well inner body, your mind and definitely grant you a better and a positive mind and body to reside. 😊

Let us all focus on being healthy inside out and not just our physical appearances.

In the end I would just like to say to the reader that you are a beautiful soul and from deep within my heart I pray that you have a healthy and a peaceful mind and body which definitely make life of yours a much beautiful one.

A yoga​ Guru desires nothing from you except your well-being and progress on the path! 😊

The Last Breath!

The last breath!

The moment you realise that you have got a countable number of breaths in your life, the moment you realise the utter truth of life, the very second you realise that there’s no final destination one has and what would be your last thought or work or deed that is when you actually start living your life. The most righteous knowledge one can get is to get awakened about the last breath. And it’s is not a matter of fear or regret, it is a simple readiness to understand that we have no clue about our ‘Last Breath’. Knowing this you may definitely ponder upon your life and the way you are living it. Is it a happy one or just a long session full of complaints and regret. I tell you the day you realise that any moment be your last that is when you start to begin to see the greater happiness in your life. And that should really be the same. See the brighter side of life, see the gains your life and nevertheless the loss is a part of everyone’s life.

Dear reader this message is specially for you to hold on here, think over again, and see and check on yourself that are you living a worthy life. And a worthy life is not always about money, relationships and the profit one makes in life but instead it is all about the love you give others, the satisfaction you have during the course of life and accepting that if life is a truth so is the death. 🙂

Are we Guiding or Training our Children?

Living in a democratically varied society with varied forms of people which exhibit behaviour and nature of different kinds, it becomes more important to lay emphasis on guiding children rather than training them. Training gives a rigid insistence on a prescribed behaviour patterns, which are never constant i.e it keeps on changing. Guidance on the other hand will be situational and analytical according to the conditions and one’s surroundings. To ensure that we understand the situation and then respond accordingly.

Remember we train animals and not humans. 🙂

Effective Parenting !

When two people’s finger prints never matches, eye cornea never matches then how can we compare two completely different individuals? Every human is a unique creation of god and every unique individual is blessed with different qualities and skills.

In the blossoming age of children, as parents it’s our responsibility to make them explore themselves and figure out with what skills they are gifted with. Rather than just running in a race of making our children ‘Super Children’ and imposing on them your aspirations and your desires.

It is natural that parents want a secure future for their children but not on the cost of their mental health. Let the child not carry the load of your wishes, instead make him light by helping him realise his dreams.

Pomegranate seeds!

You know more than a formal writing an informal one reaches to the reader’s heart soon! So you’d find a very one to one connection with me while you’re reading me. So today when I was back from my regular working day my mom told me to eat this and that and what not. While I was having my dinner she told me, Shwetal eat less baby instead have fruits, have apple, have anaar (pomegranate). I said ok dedo! She said ‘No’ get up, take it yourself, peal it and then have it.

I was like ok 👍🏻

When I started to peal the anaar firstly I did not pay attention to it. But then while taking it seeds out one by one I told my mom “Bhagwan ne kitte sundar tarike se fruits ko banaya na mumma”

She smiled and said ” Isiliye tujhe apne aap krne ko kaha”.

So it’s how simple and in an easy way parents want us to know the beauty of life. If today I wouldn’t have pealed the pomegranate myself I would be missing a very beautiful creation of god.

Natural or Designer Children

Very often people wonder why do we have children? Is it to carry on the family’s name or to raise children to take care of us in old age? 
The reason for having children is both to give and to appreciate. 

We should not ask for perfection in our children, neither should we expect them to win credits to honour the family nor should we want them as an insurance for old age. 
We should only ask for them to be healthy and to let us have the chance to walk with them through this journey of life in this beautiful world.

A step towards better parenting. Give your kid a full fledged childhood. We help you serve your child better😊